Beyond Verbal

develops Voice Enabled AI to create proprietary vocal biomarkers for personalized healthcare screening & emotion monitoring.

The growth of home health and telehealth offerings highlights the need for a scalable solution that delivers continuous information about a patient’s personal, physical and emotional health in order to improve his/her general health; optimize the patient’s treatment, while also reducing costs to the healthcare system.

Beyond Verbal is developing voice-enabled AI solutions to create proprietary vocal biomarkers for personalized healthcare screening and continuous remote monitoring of health and emotions.

In 2012, we founded the company with detection of emotions via our voice, based on more than 20 years of research. Today, we focus on healthcare by further developing and validating our patented vocal biomarkers technology, while also continuing our successful emotions module for wellness and mental health applications.

The technology was created by an Israeli core team of world-class engineers and data-scientists, including PhDs, in such areas as computational neuroscience, and quantum physics.

Vocal Biomarkers

Vocal Biomarkers*, powered by Beyond Verbal’s patented AI algorithms, are the result of free-form speech analysis, providing non-intrusive, continuous and scalable information into patients’ health.

Clinical data demonstrated that by using AI, machine learning and deep learning techniques, we can predict and monitor chronic diseases having initial successful results in:

  • Detecting Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) via the voice – through joint research with the Mayo clinic1
  • Predicting hospitalization and mortality among CHF patients2
  • Indicating the existence of COPD, CHF, sleep apnea and other diseases based on voice

Having access to large patient databases with correlated (and anonymized) voice recordings of other health conditions, such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes and others, we are now busy building new vocal biomarker prediction algorithms.

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Our Approach

Vocal Biomarkers

Big Data


Free Speech

BIG DATA in Voice

We are working closely with renowned hospitals, insurance and research institutions globally to create a large dataset of voice recording and correlated medical records.

We are now having access to an extensive database of over 150K patient records with over 1Million anonymized voice recordings. Our internal database has grown to include more than tens of thousands of labeled patient records, correlated with their medical records.

Platform & Automation

Our robust R&D platform enables wider and deeper BIG DATA research – it includes a set of proprietary tools, including a validated speaker diarization tool, which enables rapid growth, close to full automation and scalability of the BIG DATA processes.

We are open to more collaborations aimed at gathering more data for identifying novel vocal biomarkers and commercializing mutual findings that benefit patients globally.


Pilot & Validate

Validate our findings on your data


Be an early adopter & lead innovation


Uncover new vocal biomarkers


We are always looking for talented people to join our team. If you are talented and have got the desire to be a part of our innovative team, then please send your CV to and we will get in touch with you.
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VOICE Summit

July 22-26, 2019

Newark, NJ

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